Our Membranes


Membrane System Operation and Management (O&M) / Cleaning Services

In order to ensure the long term stability of the operation of membrane system, reliable operation and management of system with effective cleaning agent is critical.  Memstar can provide such membrane system operation and management system to our customers to ensure long-term stable performance. Memstar can also formulate customized cleaning agents according to the characteristics of the feed water, ensuring that the design flux of the membrane system is effectively maintained.


Technical Services

Memstar is committed to provide customers with professional technical services. We provide services on:

  • Technical training and exchange on membrane product and application
  • On-site technical consultation and suggestions on emergency measures for any incident of abnormal membrane performance
  • Investigation into causes of membrane contamination and provide targeted solutions

Our laboratories are equipped with advanced test equipment in the industry, which enable us to help our customers analyse / identify the causes of membrane contaminations and propose effective cleaning solutions based on the analysed results.