Our Membranes

Our Competitive Strength

Unique Fibre Technology

 Our membrane production arm, Memstar Pte Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) hollow fibre membrane and membrane products, with a global presence.

 We have the capability to produce Ultrafiltration (UF) and Micro-Filtration (MF) membrane fibres with different pore sizes using both Non-solvent Induced Phase Separation (NIPS) and Thermal Induced Phase Separation (TIPS) processes.

Memstar holds patent to produce 3G-TIPS technology which has the following features:

  • Unique polymeric science and fabrication know-how to unique surface characteristic, uniform diameter distribution and high precision small pore size to achieve:
  • Permanent hydrophilic
  • High mechanical strength
  • Excellent chlorine tolerance
  • Stronger alkalinity resistance (up to 5% NaOH)
  • Wider adaptability to feed water
  • Improved membrane permeability
  • Stronger oxidation resistance

We own proprietary “no backwash” process for pressurized membrane applications which boost recovery and save backwash equipment with a wide range of references in both industrial and municipal applications. Memstar industrial modules are widely applied for water treatment in various industries, such as petroleum, chemical, power generation, metallurgy, biochemistry, food & beverage, pharmaceutical and mineral processing, as well as treatments for municipal potable water and wastewater.

Memstar hollow fibre membranes are characterized by unique surface properties that offer high flux, high strength, antifouling, ease of cleaning and long service life.

  Product Certification

  1.  California Department of Public Health LT1ESWTR, LT2ESWTR compliant
  2. China National Health Inspection Approval
  3.  NSF/ASNI 61 Certification