Our Membranes

Pressurised Membrane Modules

The pressurized membrane modules are made of high performance PVDF hollow fibre UF membranes, characterised by high performance, ease of cleaning, high flux and lower energy consumption. The modules are widely used for treatment of drinking water, industrial water, municipal/ industrial wastewater and desalination of seawater, as well as special separations in various industries such as food beverage, biopharmaceutical, petroleum, chemical, electronics, environmental and power generation.

Product Features

  • Antifouling
    Unique surface characteristics resistant to contamination
  • Consistent & High Flux
    High porosity and water permeability
  • High Performance
    Very stable & resistant to oxidation & corrosion, long service and efficient separation
  • Easy to Install and Small Footprint
    Simple structure, easy operation
  • Easy to Operate with Low Maintenance
    Easy to remove fouling contaminants by various cleaning methods such as air scouring, chemical cleaning, water flushing, etc.
  • Low Energy Consumption
    Low filtration resistance, low trans-membrane pressure (TMP) and low energy consumption
  • Good Mechanical Strength & Stability
    3G TIPS hollow fibre membranes


  • Surface water purification
  • Ground water purification
  • Drinking water purification
  • Pretreatment for sea water desalination
  • Wastewater purification and recycling
  • Pretreatment for RO processes
  • Water recycling (cooling towers, swimming pools, water fountain, etc)



Continuous Membrane Filtration (CMF)

 CMF is a continuous separation process in which when an influent flows to the membrane modules, water permeates through membrane under a certain pressure while impurities (suspended solids, colloids, macromolecules, microorganisms, etc) are intercepted at the membrane surface, so that purification of water is achieved.  In CMF systems, the unique engineering design and process control can resolve the problems normally faced in conventional UF systems, such as membrane contamination, frequent chemical cleaning and difficulty for UF systems to have continuous and stable operation for long term. CMF has great advanced commercial application of membrane technology for water treatment.