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Corporate Social Responsibility

Environment preservation

CITIC Envirotech Ltd strongly believe in the importance of building a sustainable society through community and environmental involvement. As a water treatment specialist in the environmental sector, we are highly aware of harmful impacts that can arise from the negligence of environmental protection.  This has propelled us to improve our water treatment technology to enhance the quality of water discharged for our treatment plants.

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Community involvement

We believe that corporate social responsibility should not be limited to our business operations. Therefore, we seek opportunities to extend our efforts to make an impact on other parts of the community which are in need of our help.

In April 2014, we partnered with Lien AID to help improve water accessibility and sanitation in mainland China through the ‘Gift of Water for Poverty Stricken Villages in Rural China’ program. Lien AID is a non-profit organization that seeks to build a firm foundation for human development by making clean water and proper sanitation more accessible and affordable for poor rural communities.

The objective of this collaboration is to empower rural communities to be water self-sustainable. We hope to play our part in driving water stewardship and giving back to the community that had nurtured us over these years. 

UEL Lien Aid










Villagers using water piped into homes



Please view the video below for a more comprehensive understanding of the ‘Gift of Water for Poverty Stricken Villages in Rural China’ program.

CWG Short Version (Eng) – HD from United Envirotech on Vimeo.